Adjunct Prof. Dr. Tania Peitzker, Technologist, CEO, Expert on AI Management & Data Protection 

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Welcome to the Portfolio of Adjunct Prof Dr. Tania Peitzker

Dr Tania Peitzker is co-owner of Munich headquartered AI Bots as a Service, a Mixed Reality tech venture for 2D and 3D bespoke avatars.

She has been a keynote speaker at CeBIT in Hannover, the London Mayor’s Tech Week, Bot World/Apps World, the New Yorker UTTR Chatbots and the AI & Robotics/CXtech Conference in London.

She and her pioneering team have livestreamed MR bots to the Applied Machine Learning Days at the EPFL in Switzerland, to the OOP Konferenz in Munich and her most recent Guest Lecture at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Ranked by San Francisco's crunchbase #1 - #3 for numerous global & Europe-wide AI & Digital Marketing categories, Tania is an Australian-German technologist with a PhD in Anglistik & Kulturwissenschaften from the University of Potsdam.

She's since become an Adjunct Professor for AI management at several renowned universities and business schools in France, Germany and Switzerland. She also freelances as a Data Protection Officer (DPO) under the GDPR laws and is a qualified cyberlaw advocate for tech ventures.

In 2020, Tania will be running courses based on her world first, definitive textbook on the subject "Uses & Risks of Business Chatbots, Checklists & Guidelines for Purchasers in the Public & Private Sectors".

You can find reviews of her book published by Business Expert Press in New York here & the media kit for the upcoming book launch in Europe, Asia, Australia & North America on this page.


For and about technologists

This Kindle ebook by Tania Peitzker is about Gen Zers & Yers, YouTube Influencers & Instagrammers, who find purpose and meaning to their lives through a near death experience in an Extreme Adventure livestreamed globally from Australia.

(Livestreamers is also available as a paperback on the Amazon Bookstore).

This short novel is an indictment on our Gen Z era when smartphone/social media addiction and cyberbullying - as well as the desperate need for fame and fortune - have tragically demeaned much of our culture and weakened a sense of community and belonging.
Yet the internet and connectivity has also brought about a revolutionary new way to build heterogeneous communities and it may also help us save the planet from climate change.


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Writing about Next Gen botification, 3D hologram avatars, AI-powered algorithms, Big Tech, data protection, privacy under GDPR and in Mixed Reality!


Cover of my book

Uses & Risks of Business Chatbots: Guidelines & Checklists for Purchasers in the Private and Public Sectors