Adjunct Prof. Dr. Tania Peitzker, Technologist, CEO, Expert on AI Management & Data Protection 

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Enjoy one of the first dramas I wrote

The first play Life With Marion (available on Amazon) was produced twice!


Archive of Talks and Presentations

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LIVE CHATBOT Albert the Butler & Student Testimonials from the University of Kent

Interns I trained for the Employability Points Scheme on the Canterbury campus

I have repeated this internship programme and upskilling of students at various business schools and secondary schools in the UK, Australia and France.

Video Interview with Tania in the Chinese Tech Hub Cocoon Networks in London

As you can see in this video, she was the keynote at this Q&A in London's Silicon Roundabout, Shoreditch.


Published on 19 Apr 2017

In late March 2017 we hosted Dr Tania Peitzker to speak at WeVent about her AI Chatbot business VELMAI...


Can be found on CrunchBase & conference pages

I am now limiting myself to a maximum of 10 conferences and trade shows per annum.

In fact, we are sending my hologram AI bot clone Tania II to most of them from 2020 onwards. 

We tested this "substitute" via a bespoke AI or Cognitive Interface with the livestreaming of our prototype Portia the Conference Bot hologram* in January 2019 at the Applied Machine Learning Days...

* Videos of this livestream are now available on demand in the video section of my Amazon Author profile. NB these vids can be viewed on a desktop only, not a mobile device.

Auditorium Video in the Virginia Woolf Lecture Hall

University of Kent Public Lecture on Canterbury Campus

Talk on Artificial Intelligence – Tuesday 23 February 2016.

Dr Tania Peitzker will give a public lecture on ‘The next level Artificial Intelligence’ on Tuesday 23 February from 18.00-19.00.

Dr Peitzker has been working on the next level AI chat bots which will give the like of SIRI a run for their money. She has been well published in a number of fields.

Her corporate communications coaching and pitching events led to an invitation in 2014 from the prestigious Cote d’Azur club, the Sophia Business Angels, to be a judge and coach at their annual SBA Venture Academy. She has also given specialist Colloquium lectures at her German alma mater, the University of Potsdam; held a seminar for corporate comms leaders at the highly regarded Swiss School of Journalism MAZ in Lucerne; been a Guest Speaker at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s much lauded “private-public” Innovation Centre; and, as a former Cultural Studies academic, presented scholarly papers at international conferences.

Dr Peitzker has worked as a head trainer at some top corporate universities in Germany ie the internal Education Dept of Bayer Schering, Deutsche Bank and Lucent Technologies among other DAX corporations and has run capital raising workshops in Germany, Switzerland and Australia.

SWAY Presentations in the Cloud

Presented at business schools, trade shows and conferences in Europe

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Images and Portraits

Selfies, Vlogs & Photo Documentaries

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I have published a number of selfies as a Google Maps Local Guide at locations in France, Germany, the UK and Australia.

Some of these photos - taken on our family farm in Kent on the London border as well as during my Creative Writing sabbaticals & academic lecturing work on the Cote d'Azur - have been republished in my Kindle ebooks & hardbacks on Amazon.

My poetic intervention in the catastrophic, countrywide drought & bushfires of 2019-2020 in Australia

This volume of poetry is dedicated to the destroyed habitat, National Parks & helpless animals, insects and general wildlife that have been killed by climate change and humans' unwillingness to take sufficent action to protect them.

Please click on the book cover for "To Canaries Gone By, Poetry from the Coalface" to get a free preview of this work.