Adjunct Prof. Dr. Tania Peitzker, Technologist, CEO, Expert on AI Management & Data Protection 

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Her 30 Year Career in Technology & Life as a "Public Intellectual"

What Motivates Tania

The technologist is the CEO & co-owner of AI Bots as a Service; to find out more about the emerging tech, please visit

This Mixed Reality German venture builds "bot brains" or AI bot holograms for multilingual 2D & 3D bespoke avatars.

The unique humanoid or unisex characters feature VOICE or speech recognition (ASR) & speak over 130 languages on any device.

AI BaaS has invested over a decade of R&D in its own proprietary algorithm for customisable botification; it's called VAIP [Virtual Artificially Intelligent Patois].

An Australian-German with a doctorate in Anglistik from the University of Potsdam, she freelances as an Associate and Adjunct Professor at various business schools and universities in Europe.

Highlights of Peitzker's industry-academia work have been:

  • a guest lecturer at Cambridge Judge Business School in 2017 and 2019 (over 150 MBAs attended her Case Study on the "Japanese Hologram Girlfriend" by Gatebox)

  • running a seminar on Intelligent Virtual Assistants at "Germany's Harvard", Mannheim Business School for their Shanghai Executive MBA Programme 

  • a public lecture for over 100 attendees at the Canterbury Campus of the University of Kent

  • a guest speaker for a Q&A at the Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre in South East Queensland, Australia

  • collaborating with Australian & Singaporean JCU - James Cook University's pioneering Internet of Things Bachelor of Science & Engineering on its Cairns Campus 2019-2020. Australia's first & only IoT degree!

In spring 2019, she was invited to Berlin as 1 of 5 experts to advise a large German multinational on the "Future of Digital", organised by a national consultancy based in Hamburg.

Tania Peitzker was selected to be

  • a judge for Llloyds Bank Hackathon at London Tech Week

  • a judge at the Sophia Business Angels in Antibes's annual pitching contest in Sophia Antipolis Technology Park

  • a mentor and judge of pitching ideas at pioneering TheCamp in Provence, South of France.

Her publications as a journalist include many articles as a specialist author and former Berlin/Zurich/Geneva-United Nations correspondent for the London Times Higher Education Supplement.

After the success of her 2018 BEP White Paper on "AI Bots & Human-Machine Interaction" - featuring photos from the London Science Museum's historic ROBOTS exhibition - the American Business Expert Press commissioned a textbook on the subject (forthcoming BEP New York: January 2020). 

The essay is now available as a free PDF download under her academic profile on ResearchGate or  it can be purchased as a Kindle ebook at

Tania has had articles published by

  1. San Francisco's VentureBeat

  2. the US global bloggers' platform

  3. The Wall Street Journal Europe in Berlin, Brussels & New York.

She has been a keynote speaker at   

  • CeBIT in Hannover

  • the London Mayor’s Tech Week, Bot World/AppsWorld

  • the New Yorker UTTR Chatbots & AI Conference in London

  • TECHXLR8 in LDN & Cambridge Wireless on AI as 1 0f 10 only stand holders at the summit

  • Re-Work's Deep Learning Summit as a panelist at their inaugural Chatbots Track in London

  • and most recently at the Applied Machine Learning Days at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.


Tania was born in 1970 in Cairns, tropical Far North Queensland. She first learnt to sail in Australia - on catamarans like the Hobie boats you see behind her in this 2019 selfie.

In fact it was at this beach where she first sailed before yacht racing on Sydney Harbour and Port Melbourne, the now famous tourist destination of "Palm Cove" north of Cairns. During her first 18 years in the tropics, she was also a qualified beach life guard at the Palm Cove Surf Lifesaving Association.

Once married to the well-known Chinese-Australian artist Jun Chen, Tania Peitzker is now married to the English farmer Andrew Lingham, with two sons. They live on the family's mixed arable farm in Kent bordering Greater London with London & Cambridgeshire airports only ca 40 minutes away by train.

Due to Britain's years of "Brexit upheavals", she commutes to her German technology venture AI Bots as a Service in Munich - in Bavaria where her father originally hailed from before emigrating to Australia - while enjoying a Winter Sabbatical each year on the French Riviera.

Tania is a keen yachtswoman and has sailed competitively in regattas in Australia and Germany. Other hobbies with friends & family include creative writing, rambling (walking in nature), cycling, ocean swimming and yoga.


Tania Peitzker


Checklists & Guidelines for Purchasers in the Public & Private Sectors

You can pre-order Tania Peitzker's Civil Service/public sector procurement handbook and corporate/private sector purchasing guidelines on buying AI bots from Business Expert Press in New York.