Adjunct Prof. Dr. Tania Peitzker, Technologist, CEO, Expert on AI Management & Data Protection 

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Ranked consistently as an Amazon Bestseller internationally

Scroll down to the Amazon Bookstore screenshots below to discover more about the rankings of my first text on chatbots and botification


Tania's Crunchbase Rankings 2018-19


You can see for yourself: Amazon Books ranks bestsellers by sales and number of reads. To qualify, you must reach the "Top 3000" of the ca 3 million books monitored by their algorithms for any category. Getting into the Top 1000 globally is therefore a pretty big achievement!

Without any marketing or book launches at all, my key text Artificial Intelligence as 3D Literature & Suspending Disbelief when Chatting with Bots: The Making of velmai's AI Bots has sustained its bestseller status in 6 categories in the Amazon ranking internationally.

As of November-December 2019, my text was ranked from millions in these categories:


Amazon Book Store globally ranks authors whose titles are sold on their platform

These rankings are for my key text on "AI Bots as 3D Literature" 2018-2019