Adjunct Prof. Dr. Tania Peitzker, Technologist, CEO, Expert on AI Management & Data Protection 

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Uses & Risks of Business Chatbots.

 Guidelines & Checklists for Purchasers

in the Public & Private Sectors.

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Bio and Interviews

Listen to the podcast interview with Tania on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 2019.

Click here for the ABC interview

More interviews will be published here in 2020.

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How to Order the Book

The ebook edition (in colour) and hardback copy (B&W only) are forthcoming, April 2020.

The textbook includes ancillary materials for instructors, teachers & Professors to build a course (see the icon below).

Order a complimentary Desk Copy for your Faculty here directly from the publisher BEP in New York.

Illustrations & Images from the book

This world first textbook on chatbot deployment features:

  1. Mixed Reality photos from Munich's Next Gen bot venture AI Bots as a Service 

  2. graphic design UX by artist Cliff Lee in Devon

  3. animated hologram images by Realfiction in Copenhagen

  4. stills from German filmmaker Isa Willinger's documentary "Hi AI".

Case Studies and Ancillary Materials

Some of the unique Case Studies will be presented at the OOP Konferenz in Munich.

Adjunct Prof. Dr. Peitzker has been requested to give a series of lectures and university courses based on the Ancillary Materials for this book.

They can be provided as SWAY powerpoint files by BEP upon request.